Stanley (Stanley) is a beautiful small town south of Hongkong in China, is located in the East Bay, Shek O West, full of exotic.
Stanley is a famous tourist attractions in Hongkong, is also a unique historical places. Former British military base, also is the administrative center of Hongkong island.
Stanley biggest feature than that with having an antique flavour and cultural harmony style, there are sunny beaches, unique architecture and shopping and dining center, is a good place for sightseeing and leisure. Stanley not only attract visitors come to the shop, but the local people often come here. Stanley shops in a large number of silk clothing, sportswear and jeans, a lot more XL clothes, for foreigners to wear. There are many bars and restaurants, sitting on the beach while watching the scenery while drinking, is very comfortable. Stanley was sparsely populated village, as well as the tiger (in the village of Tin Hau Temple can see the tiger)! Now here has become a foreigner and Hongkong businessman place, numerous luxury buildings continue to emerge.
Hongkong most heavily fortified prison guard here.
Visitors come to Stanley, first to the Stanley market. In addition to shopping malls, restaurants and bar area is where visitors linger in stanley. Many western style restaurant layout and elegant, showing strong European style, Chinese and Western style cuisine is a combination of. Here’s the bar is mostly semi open type, sunny day, you can with three five close friends, sipping a cold beer and chat, enjoy the beautiful Stanley Bay, see the beautiful Li Lou history aftertaste, spend leisurely time.



Do You Know That: In the Tang dynasty, anyone with an education was expected to greet as well as say goodbye to another person in poetic verse composed on the spot.


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