Shenzhen Peple’s Hosptial

Has a long history, heritage. Shenzhen People’s Hospital was founded in 1946, the predecessor is the Baoan County People’s Hospital renamed in 1979 in Shenzhen People’s Hospital. Shenzhen city in 1994 was named the first “three level of first-class hospital”. 1996, approved by the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office,becoming the Second Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University medical college. 2005, approved by the Jinan University, was upgraded to become the Second Clinical Medical College of Jinan University. Along with the economic growth, Shenzhen People’s Hospital has developed into a complete functions, advanced equipment, talents reasonable structure, strong technical force, set of medical, teaching, scientific research, health care as one of Shenzhen’s largest modern comprehensive hospital.



Do You Know That: By the second century B.C., the Chinese discovered that blood circulated throughout the body and that the heart pumped the blood. In Europe, circulation wasn’t discovered until the early seventeenth century by William Harvey (1578-1657).


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