Project details

True Identity Verification (TIV) service
Verify supplier’s true identity helps you verify the true identity of your partner in China before ordering.
  • Verify its bank account
  • Verify its phone number
  • Verify Business license with English translation
  • Verify Contact person
Everyone knows that China is the world factory; there are so many good quality products with good price in China that you can find in Internet, but be careful, there are so many frauds also in China.
You can search “scam” in Alibaba community that it has about 10,000 results that many foreign buyers were scammed and lost lots of money!
TIV service takes 3-5 work days based on your partner’s cooperation while we are doing the vetting.


Do You Know That: The Cultural Revolution (the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution) from1966-1976 resulted in severe famine, thousands of deaths, and the erosion of thousands of acres of farmland.


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