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In China you will find an extraordinary history, a wide variety of breathtaking landscapes and a culture filled with unique customs and traditions.
Our philosophy is a simple one. To offer you the best travel experience possible.
We believe the only way to achieve this is to have genuine experts for each and every destination, we call them specialists. They'll design a trip around you, to match your interests, tastes and budget, and created with an absolute commitment to quality The premium experience beyond your desire" is what the Silk Gate promises to deliver.
With a specialized team formed with travel veterans, Premium Holidays offer innovative and exotic theme tours and cruise vacations to meet the emerging demand for quality travel. Customizing personalized small group tours and meeting the various travel requirements and budgets are also the promising services that the premium team provides.
we believe that the very best travel itineraries are the ones which not only make you feel special and help you engage with the places you visit, but which, at no extra cost to you, also allow the destinations (people, places and wildlife) to benefit from your visit.


Do You Know That: The highest mountain in the world (29,028 feet) is named in the honor the Welshman Sir George Everest who was the first surveyor of India. The Chinese call Mount Everest Qomolangma, which means “Mother Goddess of the Earth.


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