Project details

In order to ensure the successful execution of every project, we have established our complete management process, which includes several core stages such as the pre-project study, management during the translation, and follow-up after delivery of the translation work etc.
For each stage, we have equipped corresponding software. For example, we use the advanced Trades TM technology for the glossary management and establishment of terminology bank so as to guarantee the accuracy and integrity of the whole project. The advanced and full range of application software also help us handle the most of different file formats, such as HTML,XML,TXT,PDF,RTF,BMP, JPG, CAD, PSD, PHP, ASP etc.
With the development of the society, the social division of labor is getting more and more specific; meanwhile with the appearance of the internet and its quick popularity and application, with the gradual merging of Chinese economy into world economy, the communication between multi-languages are demanded more frequently, and the language as a tool of communication is taking the role more and more important, therefore we are here ready to provide our best package of translation service to you, so that you need not worry any more about the inconvenience of the foreign language brought to you,
you can freely and completely devote to your specialized business and leave the language problem to us.


Do You Know That: The compass, paper, gunpowder and printing are called the Four Greatest Ancient Chinese Inventions. Other Chinese inventions include fireworks and ice cream.


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