Project details

Through an active sales organization Silk Gate has established very good relations and has concluded long-term freight agreements with many shipping and enjoy the affordable prices with reliable and guarantee of shipping space for the worldwide scope.
therefore we can provide all clients with a wide range of logistics services such as container consolidation, haulage, storage, customs clearance etc. completed imp. & exp. services.


Sea Freight Export
Providing One - Stop service, collect the goods from door and send the goods to the appoint place.
Sea Freight Import
Providing the door-door services, including overseas exporting booking, custom clearance, transportation and domestic custom clearance, transportation.
Inland Transportation
With strong trucking team, ensure the effective safety to provide clients 24 hours non disconnected services.
Air Transportation
We take speediness and on time as the basic, have very plenty professional cargo handle experience.
Multi-storage services: at the same time we have normal warehouse, custom ward warehouse, bonded warehouse etc.
Relative services.
Conformity railroad, land-carriage, air-express, sea transportation.
Can process exceed, stock, distribution, combination, packing process, international trans-delivery, customs clearance etc. services.


Do You Know That: The money used in China is called renminbi, meaning the people’s currency. The basic unit is the yuan.


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