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Silk Gate is an expert in giving advices on why to invest in China, how to invest in China, where to invest in China, and what to invest in China.
China investment services includes China investment portfolio, project feasibility study, policy analysis, market study, business plan, project financing, investment opportunities, merger and acquisition (M&A), China market feasibility study, investment promotion, due diligence report, business and investment opportunities, BOT investment service, China pre-IPO guidance, business project cooperation, foreign direct investment guide, security investment and any other area of business and investment solution.
Business services include China company registration
  • (WFOE,RO, CJV & EJV), Shenzhen company registration
  • (WFOE,RO, CJV & EJV), Beijing company registration
  • (WFOE,RO, CJV & EJV), Shanghai company registration
  • (WFOE,RO, CJV & EJV), Guangzhou company registration
  • (WFOE,RO, CJV & EJV), China trademark registration, bank account opening,
  • China tax layout,
  • China legal services,
  • Monthly /quarterly annual tax return to national tax and
  • local Tax administration,
  • China human resource plan,
  • China work permit & residence permit,
  • China entry visa,
  • China bookkeeping and auditing,
  • China patent & copyright registration,
  • Hong Kong company registration,
  • Hong Kong company transfer,
  • Hong Kong shelf companies for sale,
  • Hong Kong trademark registration,
  • Trademark renewal and transfer,
  • Trademark authorization,
  • Legalization and notarization of Hong Kong companies
For more information, please turn to Silk Gate would also offer other services, including trade and logistic assistance services, bank documents follow-up, L/C, shareholder nominee, call transfer, business image matching, shareholder trustee, company image spokesmen, consulate sign & seal documents, goods & payment transfer service, annual returns, share transfer, statutory documents renewal, deregistration & renaming, financial & tax management training, human resources (HR) training, successful business training, administrative assistant training and risk management training, etc.


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