Nine Square Shopping Center

Huaqiang North China Aviation nine Square Shopping Center West in Hua Fu Road, South Shennan Avenue, relying on 80 million square meters of CATIC City high-end city complex, create Volume 18 million square meters of shopping center. It is reported, the project a total of seven, respectively is 6 floors, underground 1 layer, including the more than 200 brand merchants, nearly 3300 parking spaces.
Huaqiang North nine inherited the previously the CATIC zone features to “young Shenzhen custom stylish life” for the purpose, to create the Shenzhen first “love theme experience type shopping center”. The shopping center fusion boutique supermarket, IMAX theater, fashion, characteristic catering, leisure and entertainment industry, to create a comprehensive all-round quality experience, leading the new trend of internationalization in Shenzhen. Huaqiang North nine party also has the innovation in the shopping center appearance. Its theme block layout, to create a full glass of independent commercial space, becoming the first open street in Shenzhen and indoor shopping center combined with the shopping center. In addition, to build Shenzhen’s first PLAZA LOVE, more Shenzhen this young immigrant city to build a warm love of the energy field.



Do You Know That: Famous Chinese and Chinese-American actors include Jackie Chan (Hong Kong), Chow Yun Fat (Hong Kong), Bruce Lee (San Francisco), Jet Li (Beijing), Zhang Ziyi (Beijing), and Lucy Lui (New York).


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