Hongfa Temple

The new temple is located in the frontier – since China’s reform and opening up of Shenzhen, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, Southeast Asia, therefore, Zhao Puchu and other leaders Chinese Buddhist Association has very high expectations: the temple into China class Buddhist culture temple, an important window to reflect the government policy of freedom of religious belief, and make it ties with overseas Buddhist association.
Temple of the golden era, thanks to the reform and opening up. In July 1, 1985, temple started. Temple Temple (which is different from any domestic maintenance or reconstruction, completely destroyed by the Cultural Revolution) is a newly built temple, at the same time, also in 1949 after the founding of new China, the domestic construction of the first temple.
At that time, the relevant departments in Shenzhen, the ceremony please, the famous monk to monk led his disciples, the ground breaking ceremony for throwing a net statement. At the completion of the main hall, Jing Lou, tianwangdian engineering, for construction. President Zhao Puchu in the care and promotion, the successful completion of temple. Since then, Brahma’s head, a new brake ring from the morning bell and evening drum — reminders.



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