Guangzhou Zoo

Guangzhou Zoo (GuangZhou Zoo) is located in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City, east of the Nineteenth cemetery, south of Huan Shi Dong Road, west of Yunhe Road, North title martyrs Road. South Gate and North Gate has two entrances, two are equipped with parking for up to forty bus through North-South Gate, the traffic is very convenient. Opened in 1958, covers an area of 42 hectares. 2013 annual tourists four million people, is one of China’s three major cities in the zoo. Guangzhou Zoo, selected from a total of mammals, reptiles, birds and fish, the country and around the world, more than 450 species of animals (2013), 4500 bulls (only), and many of them belong to the world of exotic animals. Belong to the state of a class protected animals giant panda, golden monkey, black-necked cranes and other 35 kinds, are the focus of national second-class protected animals are 32 kinds of red panda, white-naped crane and so on.



Do You Know That: According to a Chinese legend, silk was discovered in 3000 B.C. by Lady Xi Ling Sui, wife of the Emperor Huang Di. When a silk worm cocoon accidentally dropped into her hot tea, fine threads from the cocoon unraveled in the hot water and silk was born.


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