Guangzhou Asian Sports Village

Guangzhou Asian Sports Village construction site in Guangzhou city is planning department, East Panyu area starting area, city is an important part of the “south” development strategy, the construction will promote the rapid development of Guangzhou city and the surrounding area. Guangzhou in the Asian Games after the end, will host the Asian Games for the disabled, is expected to the staff of 7000 people, at that time, the Guangzhou Asian Sports Village scale can satisfy the needs of the disabled will be. Asian Sports Village will rely on the bus, car and bicycle as the personnel vehicle. The bus and the traffic around the site is connected, to surround the entire Asian Sports Village, and arrived at the athletes’ village, media village and the entrance of Guangzhou Asian Games Stadium and other venues



Do You Know That: During the first half the twentieth century, Shanghai was the only port in the world to accept Jews fleeing the Holocaust without an entry visa.


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