Guangxiao Temple

Guangdong province is located in the Guangzhou Guangxiao Temple Guangxiao road north. According to the “Guangxiao temple Chi loading at the beginning , is the mausoleum of the Nanyue King Zhao Jiande’s former residence. The era of the three kingdoms, Wu Guoyu turned in on this, known as Yu yuan. The temple had changed for several times, the Eastern Jin Dynasty Longan five years (401 years) referred to five Yuan Temple, Tang said Qian Ming law Temple, the five generation of South Han, said Qian Heng temple, Wanshou temple in the Northern Song Dynasty said, when the Southern Song Dynasty called gratitude extensive filial piety Temple, shortly after the word for word wide instead of light, it was renamed Guangxiao temple.
Guangxiao temple building structure is rigorous, the house is magnificent, especially many historic relics. As the hall was built in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, the southern Damour was washing bowl springs, Tang Yi Fa tower, stone building, the Tower South of the song and Ming Dynasties, the sixth patriarch temple, Buddha Temple, and inscriptions, statues, river subtree, the bodhi tree, are precious Buddhist relics sites.
March 5th, approved by the State Council in 1986, the temple by the religious authorities.



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