Dameisha and Xiaomeisha Beaches

Embracing the vast South China Sea, Dameisha and XIaomeisha are two of Shenzhen’s finest seaside resorts, and have been referred to as “The Hawaii of the East”. Situated at Dapeng Bay, they are the favoured recreational spot for locals keen to make the most of their holidays amid lush, tropic scenery and fresh air.
The 1,000 meter-long beach is perfect for enjoying lazy days in the sun. Visitors can, however, partake of a myriad of recreational activities here, including swimming, beach volleyball, windsurfing, diving and sea kayaking. In addition, you will experience a feeling of romance here. As well as al fresco parties held on the beach, the venue is also perfect for romantic weddings, which are a common occurrence here.
One principal difference between Dameisha and Xiaomeisha is that it is free of charge to travel Dameisha. However, there is a 20 RMB admission charge to Xianmeisha Beach.



Do You Know That: In ancient China, Chinese characters were written on animal bones, turtle shells, silk, or bamboo slices.


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