In September 28, 2002, the city of Shenzhen, the first large-scale urban center MALL – CITIC Plaza grand opening. As a representative of the internationalization of Shenzhen city and Southern China area of high-end shopping center, CITIC City Plaza is located in CITIC Shennan District, covers an area of 50000 square meters, construction area of 150000 square meters, composed of shopping center, Citic Tower and the Star Plaza three. Yuankan, the overall appearance of the building is like a sailing flagship tower. Look at the past, unique crystal door, water clock, music fountain decorative style which, to a highly modern commercial buildings add many charming scenery. As night fell, huadengchushang, Star Plaza ground stars sparkling, surrounded by shopping center of Ambilight, more significant urban fashion.



Do You Know That: Originating as far back as 250 B.C., Chinese lanterns were an important symbol of long life. Lanterns were once symbols of a family’s wealth, and the richest families had lanterns so large, it required several people with poles to hoist them into place.


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