Bi Shui Valley drifting

The Bi shui Valley drifting is located in beautiful scenery and is known as “Guangzhou Conghua good garden” the laudatory name of new hot spring tourism scenic area. River rafting is known as “the first peak in Guangzhou” Heaven mountain top, a hundred thousand springs waterfall river, at an altitude of 1210 meters high the steep valley along the straight down millions of gullies. In the deep valleys, majestic scenery attractive. Not only have each other and strange stone, beautiful forest mountains, beautiful water, there are acres of Liyuan red full branch, like the person in the picture is really terrific! From the original ecological mountain rafting, can make your experience beyond the self, the highest achievement challenges of passion!Supporting the project with the tourist reception function ticket reception center,the comfort and safety of the special lane and water drainage function of reservoir, dam etc. relatively perfect hardware facilities. The tourist reception center drifting to the end zone not only established tourist leisure areas, the water path along the cliff theme and entertainment district, in the leisure area of natural landscape modification sites, and in the construction area and land according to the scene to rest entertainment efforts, so that visitors bring in rafting experience extreme pleasure at the same time, also can enjoy nature brings peace and joy in the beautiful rural scenery.



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