Baiyun Mountain

Baiyun Mountain, located in Baiyun District of Guangzhou City, is also famous, since ancient times, “Yangcheng first” called. The mountain is quite wide, consisting of 30 peaks, the peak of Guangdong mountain spur nine. Area of 20.98 square kilometers, the main peak 382 meters high mount davis.
Baiyun Mountain is the city of Guangzhou scenic area, the industry’s first 5A grade scenic spot, Guangzhou city is also the only with the “national civilized scenic area, national 5A level scenic spots two honorary scenic spot.



Do You Know That: The Three Gorges Hydroelectric Dam spans the Yangtze River and is the largest dam in the world. It is also the most controversial dam in the world because it has been plagued by corruption, human rights violations, technological difficulties, and has caused dramatic environmental changes.


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